Echelon seeks to mobilize the next generation for The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for young adults to engage with the organization through networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering. 


As young adults, not everyone has the capacity to make large donations to The Salvation Army.  What young professionals CAN do is share their skills, passion and talent to make a difference.  Young adults are motivated to serve a cause they are passionate about – Echelon Grand Rapids is passionate about the work of The Salvation Army in Grand Rapids.  We support the continued work of The Salvation Army of Kent County to rebuild the lives of men, women, children and families around us, in the name of Christ. 


Through Echelon, young professionals can not only meet new people and make new friends; they can also do it for a cause.  We bring together a group of like-minded young professionals wanting to affect change.  Through Echelon, members also gain access to key Salvation Army leadership and can gain recognition for their activities and successes.  Community leaders, executives, and a number of influential people work closely with The Salvation Army and Echelon on a regular basis, so Echelon provides opportunities to build powerful and lasting relationships.


Echelon supports the work of The Salvation Army of Kent County. Events are scheduled throughout the year to raise money or collect items for various causes or initiatives.  Members work together to identify the causes or efforts they wish to support or pursue, the avenue by which it plans to generate that support (and any associated planning, logistics, and resource coordination), and are responsible for execution of that event or activity.


Echelon is a group of enthusiastic young professionals who are driven by “Doing The Most Good” for those “most in need”.  The Salvation Army pursues its mission 365 days a year and serves the entire community through a number of services, so there are ample opportunities to address needs in the community, improve people’s lives, and influence change.  We work alongside officers, employees and volunteers for The Salvation Army to serve our community and those in need.