16 March 2017

Join our Executive Board!

As the National Young Adult Auxiliary of The Salvation Army – the organization committed to mobilizing the next generation of Salvation Army. The Executive Board provides direction and leadership to Echelon GR!  Your participation on the Executive Board will help to further our mission and provide a rich leadership experience for you.  Since we are in the beginning stages of building Echelon GR, we have several open positions!  It’s an exciting time for Echelon and we hope you’ll consider joining us.  Please let us know if you’re interested learning more about any of the positions listed below. 

Open Positions

Echelon’s Co-Chairs of Events manage all of the organization’s social and networking events.  The Co-Chairs of Events are responsible for setting annual event calendars, designating various chairs and host committees when necessary, scouting and securing venues, logistical details, etc.  They will serve as the primary contact for event vendors, caterers, host committees, etc.

Echelon’s Service Co-Chairs are the liaison to local Salvation Army corps and service centers and work directly with Salvation Army officers and staff to plan volunteer opportunities for male and female Echelon members.  They will plan service opportunities throughout the year that are relevant to Salvation Army client needs and wishes.  They will also lead the effort to encourage membership volunteerism.

Echelon’s Fundraising Chair is responsible for ensuring all events are being utilized as give-back or fundraising opportunities.  They will work closely with the Co-Chair of Events’ to design social and networking events wherein The Salvation Army is benefitted, whether financially, via item donation or volunteer recruitment.  The Fundraising Co-Chairs are charged with organizing auction when applicable.  The Fundraising Co-Chairs will work closely with the Salvation Army of Kent County Development staff, ensuring collaborative fundraising efforts.   

Echelon’s Co-Chairs of Membership are charged with updating and maintaining an accurate membership database.  They will work closely with the Communications Chair to encourage membership renewal, while also actively seeking new members.  The Membership Co-Chairs’ are responsible for seeking new members during Echelon social and networking events, demonstrating the utmost knowledge of the organization and membership perks.

Echelon’s Public Relations Chair is charged with fostering a positive public image of the organization, as well as heightening awareness of the organizations accomplishments and contributions to the community, by serving as the liaison to credentialed media.  The Public Relations Chair will proactively seek media exposure for Echelon events and service projects when deemed appropriate by the Executive Board, and they will be responsible for creating, maintaining and presenting to the Executive Board an ongoing communications plan.  The Public Relations Chair will work with the Communications and PR Director from the local Salvation Army, to ensure all PR fits within the larger PR plans for The Salvation Army. 

Echelon’s Corporate Relations Co-Chair will be responsible for developing corporate partnerships and sponsorships for Echelon events and programs, as well as developing a strategy for engaging companies that have a large Echelon membership or potential membership, in accordance with The Salvation Army’s development team, helping companies meet their philanthropic or corporate social responsibility goals, benefitting Echelon and The Salvation Army.

Echelon’s Co-Chaplains serve as the organizations spiritual counselors.  The Co-Chaplains will offer encouragement at the start of each Executive Board meeting or at larger membership events when necessary and will offer members opportunities for spiritual growth, e.g. through instituting regular Bible Study. 

Echelon’s Co-Treasurers should be people of the highest level of integrity.  The Co-Treasurers are responsible for managing the organizations finances, including maintaining the organization’s budget, presenting updates to the Executive Board, receiving and processing reimbursements and holding the organization’s credit card, credit card information, checks and cash, we well as that of members.  The Co-Treasurers will maintain security and safety procedures for Echelons members, holding cash or checks until they are deposited into the bank.  The Co-Treasures will maintain a detailed financial ledger and submit audits as requested and/or conducted by the Executive Board or The Salvation Army.